Happy Birthday EJ from the Subtidal Ecology and Ecotoxicology lab!

Associate Professor Emma Johnston celebrates with members of the Subtidal Ecology and Ecotoxicology lab.

48th Annual European Marine Biology Symposium

The 48th Annual European Marine Biology Symposium took place in Galway, Ireland from 19-23rd August and attracted presenters from multiple continents. I presented recent work investigating the effects of multiple stressors on marine communities. Mailie Gall was the recipient of the student Marine Biological Association student prize for her presentation “A tale of two urchins: the […]

Congratulations Dr Edge!

Katelyn Edge hands in her thesis at the Graduate Research School complete with lab entourage!

Rock platform zonation with KRB

Checking out intertidal zonation with Year 11 and Mrs Shirley Casper from Kincoppal Rose Bay

Underwater cleaning bee

Routine maintenance on an experimental deployment of benthic recruitment containers

Simulated ‘stormwater pulse’

Researchers from UNSW, SCU, CSIRO and OEH dosed benthic sediment communities with a simulated ‘stormwater pulse’.  Communities will remain in situ for a month before sampling to assess the ecological effects of this stressor.

A bumper graduation ceremony for the SEE lab.

Congratulations to Natalie Rivero who received her bachelor degree with honours and to Luke Hedge and Carol Sukn who were awarded their PhD scholarships.