MSCI2001 Fieldtrip 2013

The 2013 fieldtrip for the Introductory Marine Science course took place in early October at SIMS, Chowder Bay.  It was an early start in the water with Rochelle Johnston and Penny McCracken taking groups for a snorkel induction before sampling.

Jaz Lawes led her team of snorkellers to the Chowder Bay swim net to investigate changes in fish habitat associations related to artificial structures.

2013-10-02 09.40.15
2013-10-02 11.07.25

Natalie Rivero prepared her team for a day on the SIMS vessel to sample fouling assemblages on seawalls.

2013-10-02 09.40.04
2013-10-02 09.52.58
2013-10-02 15.31.30

My group were investigating the effects of a simulated stormwater pulse on fouling assemblages with lab treatments of copper contamination in conjunction with freshwater.  We found some colourful assemblages under the Chowder Bay pier which we added to our lab microcosms…. more commonly known as “ice cream tubs”.

2013-10-02 10.00.58
2013-10-02 09.44.38
2013-10-02 11.44.37

Students in Ben Harris‘ group also headed out on a SIMS vessel to sample plankton in Sydney Harbour and sorted through thousands of copepods and salps on their return.

2013-10-02 10.48.02
2013-10-03 12.08.32

Not every observation was marine and we also had visits from the local wildlife.

2013-10-03 07.25.25

As well as vessels arriving for the spectacular naval review including tall ships, submarines and destroyers.

2013-10-03 11.59.23
2013-10-03 12.13.25
2013-10-04 08.17.04

Each night we were taken on a culinary adventure by Rochelle…

2013-10-03 16.03.57
2013-10-03 07.32.42

And entertained with careers talks from demonstrators or research presentations from each of the groups.

2013-10-03 21.18.54
2013-10-03 20.39.08
2013-10-03 21.02.29

Paul Spence made his debut as our presentation night MC and honours went to “Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Or is that just Barnacles!” for best scientific presentation.

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